Samaa TV Anchors

Samaa TV Anchors

1.     Gharidah Farooqi

Gharida Farooqi

ations and started her journalistic job in 2005. She has employment with frequent news channels and is at present helping Samaa as agenda and News Anchor. Gharidah farooqi has also worked with ISPR for a moment or two as Media Analyst.
Gharidah Farooqi hosts the show “30 Minutes” Monday-Thursday at 19:05-19:30 on Samaa TV live which focal point on immediate & down-to-earth explanation of tribulations in Pakistan and in a different place. Gharidah Farooqi in the vein of reading, music and dancing and she is also a food lover. She is well educated and very intelligent. She is good anchor for Samaa news live TV channel. Have some great thoughts; go halves it with Gharidah Farooqi at

2.     Jasmeen manzoor

Jasmeen Manzoor

unctioning as a producer and television anchor since 1999. In March 2010, Jasmeen manzoor in progress hosting SAMAA TV’s live flagship primetime program identify ‘Tonight with Jasmeen’.
This program is appearance Monday to Thursday from 10:03pm-11:00pm.
Jasmeen manzoor has also complete documentaries on an assortment of area under discussion and has conventional four rewards for her wonderful vocation, one of which was the Benazir Excellence Award for Best Female Anchor in Pakistan in 2009. She is a brilliant and good looking and perfect anchor of Samaa news live TV channel.

3.     Mehwish siddique

Mehwish Siddique

She was born in Karachi; Mehwish Siddique happening her occupation as a theatre performer. She has a degree in the theater from the National Academy of Performing Arts and she has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She was happed her profession in 2008 as a TV artist. Her anchoring line of business in progress in January 2001. Her wellbeing takes account of interpretation and performing arts.
Mehwish Siddique will be commentator “Awam ki Awaz” which will be appearance every Friday at 22:03pm – 23:00pm. She is well looking, well performer and perfect for Samaa news live TV channel.

4.     Paras Khurshid

Paras Khurshid

Her anchoring profession in progress in December 2004. She has completed her Masters in political science. She is an intelligent anchor.
Paras Khurshid is hosting Samaa’s flagship major occasion program “News Beat” which will be appearance every Monday – Thursday at 20:03 – 21:00. She is nice and brave women and also good for Samaa news Live TV channel.

5.        Sanam baloch

Sanam Baloch

She was born in Karachi; Sanam Blaoch is one of the nearly everyone identifiable countenance on TV in Pakistan. She is happening her profession in 2004. She is a source of power of aptitude and has an impressive smile and happy-go-lucky character.

Sanam Baloch will now adjoin that additional glimmer and power to mornings with the all new and fresh Subh Savery Samaa Ke Saath appearance every Monday – Friday at 09:05am – 11:00am. She is very beautiful, brilliant and perfect for Samaa news Live TV channel.